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Pieces For Show Complete!

Finally finished the pieces for my show in Paris / Belgium. Here is a scan of the last piece. So now everything has been sent to be crated and shipped and my studio is incredibly empty. Can’t wait to see the work all up on the gallery walls!

Speed Painting

Just thought I’d throw out this one speed painting I was happy with which I did during my class the other day. I have an Advanced Representational Drawing class that meets on Fridays for 6 hours.

It’s a fun class where we explore drawing with various media and in various sizes. I have the students drawing very large and maybe using sticks, twigs or leaves. We also have gotten out and gone drawing at various other venues than just the classroom. Every other week we get out. The week before last we went to Myakka State Park to paint landscapes for a full day. It was a good day of painting though vultures climbed all over my car and ate the rubber seal out of my sunroof! Wacky!

We also do Video Drawing, where I project screen captures from various movies and I have the students attack the drawings in different ways. For instance for one shot I may ask them to approach it entirely in tone. In another just line, etc.

This last class we had a model in and decided to do a series of quick paintings. Each painting was no more than twenty minutes in length. The students did very well! It’s a good exercise because there’s no time to sit and spin. One has to make decisions and put the paint down. There’s no in-between.

So here is one I did that I was happy with. I liked that I kept my color limited and clean and I was happy with the simplified shapes.

Jurying the Society of Illustrators Annual Exhibition

I head out this coming weekend to New York to help jury the Society of Illustrators Annual Exhibition in the Sequential Art / Series section. This will be my second time to jury this prestigious show and I’m honored to be able to perform this function as a member of the Society.

There’s nothing like visiting the Society of Illustrators in New York. The building houses some of the greatest illustrative art in the world. Howard Pyle, Norman Rockwell, N. C. Wyeth, Harvey Dunn, Dean Cornwell, on and on. Everywhere one looks the walls are filled with the incredibly rich history of illustration in America. So I’m looking forward to being there again and looking forward to seeing the wonderful work submitted for possible inclusion into the next annual exhibition, which will also find themselves in the Society of Illustrators Annual, the premiere publication of the best illustration in America.