Wanderings of an artist in the trenches.


Got up early this morning, met Carl downstairs, checked out of the hotel and piled into his car headed for the train depot. Boarded the high-speed train bound for Paris. It was still snowing this morning and Carl said it’s a good thing we’re traveling by train as many roads are closed today. We got there in plenty of time to get situated on the train and get comfortable in our seats.

I was up all night posting the three entries. Because of the slow Internet connection I had a heck of a time getting them to post completely. I ended up splitting one into two sections so the upload was easier. Wacky. But they eventually got up there. I got no sleep, but figured I’d sleep on the train. This was not to be. But that, too, was fine.

The train was a very comfortable ride as it barreled through the Belgian and French countryside. The snow had blanketed the land and it was quite beautiful to see, covering the farmhouses and fields. While Carl read I busied myself with taking pictures out of the windows using my phone, then sketched in my sketchbook.

Blazing along at high speed, the camera was still able to grab some interesting bits.

Below are some sketches from my sketchbook of the countryside.

So the trip was pretty uneventful and the time flew by. The trip itself is only an hour or so by train. Very pleasant.

We pulled into the Paris – Terminus Nord, bailed out and exited the station. But always time for a couple of photos.

Our hotel, The Terminus Nord Mercure, is situated directly across the street from the terminal. A short 100 yards or so. Very convenient. The rooms are nice, each with its own bathroom. A step up for me as every time I’ve visited Paris I’ve gone the inexpensive route and everyone used a communal bath, or the shower was a small cubby off the stairwell with only a thin curtain to obfuscate the view.

My hotel window view.

We gave ourselves a bit of time to get situated then met downstairs to go into Paris proper. Carl had an errand to run, dropping off art at an auction house, where we got to see a couple of Hugo Pratt “Corto Maltese” pages. Beautiful examples of the early Corto work. There was also a wonderful, large Jacques Tardi oil painting of a Paris street scene. Very nice to see.

More later in part two…

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