Wanderings of an artist in the trenches.

Paris – Part Four

Well, I’m sitting in my room now safely back in Brussels. I leave this coming morning back for the States after a great trip here.

This morning I got up and met Carl at the cafe where we had a nice breakfast before striking out for the Louvre. My signing wasn’t until 3 PM later this afternoon so we had plenty of time to explore the vastness of the museum. I may have to put this in a number of posts due to the amount of photos I have to share.

It was snowing like mad today and the ground was extremely slippery. We checked out of the hotel and left all our luggage with the concierge. We’d be back later to pick up everything to take with us to the gallery for the signing.

I’m embarrassed to say that as many times as I’ve been in Paris I’ve never gone to the Louvre. It seems that every time I’ve been here the lines were out of control and I just opted not to go and instead always loved lingering at the d’Orsay. So Carl was happy to be the first to get me into the Louvre.

We made good time through the museum, as I barreled along zooming to the paintings and painters I wanted to see. I’m sure I missed lots, but I got to see lots too. So, here are a few images of some of the pieces that were killing me today, some because they’re just a great paintings, others because they made me laugh.

I’m not going to go into any descriptions of these pieces or why they were killing me because to do so would just detract from the pieces themselves. NOTE: Most of the shots of the paintings are details and not full shots of the pieces.

More on the way…

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