Wanderings of an artist in the trenches.

Paris – Part Six

Below a Delacroix.

Beautiful little Corot above. Couldn’t get enough of his pieces. Luckily there was a whole room devoted to him. I’ve always been moved by his landscapes.

And that’s just the few I was able to remember to take pictures of! As I said, the Louvre is just way to big to take it all in. So I cherry picked a bit. Was worn out by the end of our time there. Would love to have several more days there to really soak it all in. Maybe next time!

We visited the bookstore but were too wiped out to give it a thorough examination. Hit the Café and had a soda, then took off to head back to the hotel to get our stuff. When we stepped outside the snow was really coming down.

We rushed to get to the subway and saw the most ironic thing. We could hear a band playing a marching song, very upbeat, lots of gaiety, people were rushing out of the subway in droves and others were watching the band play. Right there in the middle of all this were two homeless people, one sleeping and the other sitting up, snow falling on them. Unbelievably sad. I was reminded of a beggar I saw in Prague, kneeling on hard cobblestones in an alleyway with busy throngs of people bustling by. Was also reminded of that scene in the film “Harold and Maude” where Harold and Maude follow the pallbearers out of the church as they carry the coffin to the hearse and there’s a band marching by playing a Sousa song in the middle of this melancholy scene.

More on the way…

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