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Painting Update

Here are a couple of shots of some paintings in progress for the Richmond show.

My daughter sleeping. 1st sitting.

This is the 2nd sitting, but taken with my phone.

This is the 3rd sitting on this one.

The piece below was an old painting from many years ago which I was never really happy with. The good thing about paintings like that is that they’re good for experimenting with.

The 1st sitting was a very warm palette, browns etc. so for the 2nd sitting I knocked the piece back with a greenish glaze. I loved how it set everything back. Unfortunately I didn’t scan the original state of this one. But, here are the 2nd and 3rd sittings.

The 3rd, again, was shot with the phone, so it’s not a great scan. So I’ve gone back into it and lightened it up a bit. Maybe too much (though this shot is actually lighter than it really is). I’ll probably hit it with a few spot glazes to settle it down a little and get back some of that fun mystery.

Here’s the 3rd sitting on this one. I’m having fun just seeing where it’s going and playing with layering the paint. It’s a small one — 8 x 10.

This was a plain air painting done at Myakka State Park. I liked the piece when I painted it, but it needed a kick. I just added the blue to it and I think it really makes it.

Just started this one. We had some Tibetan Monks visit a year or so ago and I asked my class to meet me there to watch them create the sand Mandala. Only about three students showed up to draw. Crazy. Anyway, I did a number of sketches from life and shot a lot of photographs. They’ve been sitting around bugging me to do something with them. Finally broke down and started this.

This is just one sitting, about an hour or so of work. But I’m happy with where it is so far.

Not sure if I posted this before. This was a sort of demo done at the Austin TAD Pod. Had fun with this ala prima attack.

Anyway, I’ll post more as they get done. I’m in the home stretch.

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