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iPad sketch

Here’s a sketch I did of Steve Taft at our faculty meeting today. Still enjoying playing with ProCreate.

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More iPad pieces in progress

Here are a couple more iPad pieces in progress using ProCreate. This software is really sweet. Very intuitive and a lot of fun to use. Everything is real time, with no lag. You can have 16 layers if you need them and it exports PSD files. Pretty cool.

Anyway, these are in progress, but I’m having fun with the brushes.

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iPad sketching update

Picked up Procreate last night to give it a whirl. Thought it was interesting but wasn’t blown away by it or anything. This morning, though, they updated the app and now I AM blown away. They’ve put some serious effort into this program and it really shows. There is absolutely NO lag at all and the brushes are amazing. Not only that, you can make your own brushes as well. Very cool app. It does not have the record function like Brushes, but I can live with that (though I would like to have it). Maybe it’ll show up in an update.

Anyway, here’s my first crack at that app. I had a lot of fun messing around with it tonight.

Here’s how it sort of started.

Below is one of the layers solo and I think it’s kind of fun by itself.

Hope you enjoy!

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iPad Sketching

Thought I’d post these two iPad sketches for fun. I’ve not done much digital art as I like paint, the feel of something giving back, the smells and, of course, having an original. I did do a few Photoshop pieces a few years ago when VCU asked me to teach a digital painting class. I approached it pretty much the way I handle oils. I’ll post those at the end of this entry.

Since the iPad is with me just about everywhere I go I found myself goofing around with the app Brushes tonight at Starbucks. I was using a stylus, the Bamboo, and did have some fun. Wasn’t too hard to familiarize myself with the app and enjoyed playing around and just seeing what landed.

I also posted these as movies since the app records all the strokes, which is kind of neat. You can find those here:


Here are the pieces done years ago.

Hope you like.

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