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BlogPad Pro: A shameless plug

BlogPad Pro

For quite awhile I’ve been messing around trying to find the perfect blogging tool for my iPad WordPress blogging needs. There have been a couple that I have liked, the first being BlogPress, which is easy to use and has served me pretty well. It was the app that I used to initially create Murmurs while on a trip to Belgium and France. What I’ve found, though, is that it doesn’t show me all of my posts. Maybe there’s a way to get it to do this, but I’ve not found it.

Next came Posts, which I thought was going to be my favorite. But I found that it added bizarre returns or ran all my images together, and/or truncated my images, requiring me to do TONS of massaging to get my posts to look halfway decent. I wrote the programmer and he did reply, but then vanished totally. I’ve since sent several emails trying to get help, all to no avail. The app has not been updated since August. There was lots to like about the app. The interface was very cool and it had several nice touches in design and accessibility. But what I was seeing on my pad was not what I was getting in the actual published posts—not cool. Out of desperation I’d sort of decided I’d probably use it since nothing else killed me.

However, I did some searching yesterday and found BlogPad Pro and decided to give it a shot.

Wow! I’m thrilled! Here is a wonderfully well thought out app that is a breeze to use and packs a lot of power and amenities. I did run into a little snag, wrote to the company and they responded in less than 20 minutes or so and solved my issue. What I see on my pad is exactly what I get when I publish. Adding a blog is incredibly simple and editing is even more so. One is up and running in no time at all.

When you fire up the app for the first time you’re presented with a help screen that explains all. If you are still uncertain there is a help menu and tutorials, as well as more online.

BlogPad Pro opening screen.

Adding images is simple and to the point. One can even scale the images and change the amount of memory the image takes up. Perfect. And as they say on their site: 

“Blog online, in airplane mode or when you don’t have an internet connection – just sync your changes when you’re done!”

BlogPad Pro from their website

Anyway, this is the blogging app I’ve been waiting for. Everything is at your fingertips: WYSIWYG editing, comment moderation, creating and editing posts and pages, WordPress.com blog stats, adding images & featured images, custom fields, sticky posts, draft posts and lots more…

But don’t take my word for it, check out BlogPad Pro on the Apple App Store or go to their website:



2 responses

  1. Thanks for such a great review – I’m so pleased you like our app! Happy blogging 🙂
    Mary, BlogPad Pro

    January 18, 2013 at 9:14 AM

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