Wanderings of an artist in the trenches.

Sweet Relief!

A little reflection on how cool technology is: Was painting at my buddy Cameron Thorp’s home last night, but before we began painting he suggested we go to WalMart and snag a dropcloth for his carpets. Off to Walmart we go. We found the dropcloths easy enough and picked one up, did a little other shopping. While shopping I decided to check my email on the phone and wander a bit. We then checked out. Got back to Cameron’s place and I realized I left my phone in his car…only it wasn’t in his car—I’d misplaced it at WalMart somewhere!

Cripes! I freaked out. I was sick to my stomach! We drove immediately back to WalMart. On the way Cameron handed me his iPhone and had me log into iCloud via “Find My iPhone.” It scoured the ether and found all my devices (ipads, phones, etc.). I chose my phone’s name and voila, my phone’s location popped up. It was still at WalMart! I put my phone into “Lost” mode, locking it with a passcode, then typed in a message to whomever found it: “Please take this phone to Customer Service. The Phone is being tracked.”

I ran to the last known location, where I thought I’d lost it and no luck. Cameron meanwhile had parked the car and was using his phone to track mine. He told me to go to Customer Service, but before that to make sure my phone’s alarm would sound. I turned the alarm on. He also said that my phone was on the move. The tracking was live and he was able to see the phone moving on the radar/map. So he began to follow it.

I ran to Customer Service. A massive line! Ugh! I waited. Next thing I know Cameron is there with my phone in his hand. He was outside in the parking lot and heard the alarm. A guy had it out of his pocket and was looking at the screen reading the message. Cameron walked up to him and thanked him for finding it. The funny thing was he was on his way out, and more than likely had no intention of turning it in. Might be the last time he picks up an iPhone. 🙂

When I got the phone back I had emails from Apple as it tracked the phone:

So, anyway, how amazing is that? I thought for sure that my phone was toast. I could have also wiped it via iCloud, but glad I held off on that before making sure I did or did not get it back. Talk about relief, though. Whew!

We finally did get to painting and had a lot of laughs over the almost loss of my phone. Here’s the painting I started last night. Just got it blocked in, but am happy with where it is. Actually the painting is further along than what you see here, but this is the only shot I took in progress.


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