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Father’s Day

Was reading Dave Dorman’s Father’s Day post today and was so moved that I knew I needed to post one myself and basically copy him. Our friends certainly point the way more times than not.

I am so thankful for my children, George and Mary and the joy that they bring to my life every single day. They give me a reason for being and they make the world a richer place because of their presence. They are both incredibly sweet individuals and always have a ready smile and a hug in the wings. I’m constantly in awe of them and wonder what I did to deserve such wonderful children.

I’m doubly blessed because I had the greatest father in the world. My father, a physician, worked tirelessly helping other people but never short changed his children. He was the most honest individual I’ve ever met, save my mother, and he set the bar so high that I struggle constantly to be half the individual and parent that he was. He was taken much, much to soon and there’s not a day that passes that he’s not on my mind. I miss him. He and my mother gave me so many wonderful emotional gifts and topped it off with the most amazing childhood I could ever have wished for.

I’m here in Kansas City with the Illustration Academy and, since I had to be away from my children, had the wonderful privilege of spending Father’s Day with John English and his father Mark. My father would be roughly Mark’s age and there was comfort in being welcomed into such a wonderful family.

I hope everyone has had a great Father’s Day today.